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joi, 7 octombrie 2010

Wentworth Miller is FAT

   Wenthworth Miller is 37-years old and it shows. This picture was taken Thursday in L.A. when he  was taking a hike. Gossipers whispered he’s rocking a lot more and  that he need to get rid of some curves to keep his sex icon status. They also pointed at his grown hair. I say maybe is preparing his look for a new role or just going though a phase. In fact he’s nearly 40 and might have some weight issues periods, but there’s not a lost battle. I can’t say there’s something wrong with the photo because there are no signs of bad intention or angle…
   What you think about the 3 years transformation? Is this appearance of a trashy big boy making you like Wenty less?

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  1. you've got an interesting point here, good job with the post

  2. I don't even know who Wentworth Miller is >.<

  3. who cares, on the left of the photo was skinny

  4. Sure that's the same person? Damn.

    I think the hairdo is even worse than the fatness.

  5. In reverend Cerimon there well appears Following!

  6. Dude used to be in good shape... He's let himself go.
    I'm just making my daily rounds and thought I'd check in.
    If you've got the time, check out my blog also.

  7. lol looks like he didnt eat much during the prison break seasons, and after that he had to make it up again!
    interresting blog, will check out daily!